Charcoal kilns are formed from clay and built by hand. Depending on the season and weather conditions, it takes approximately seven days to transform wood into white charcoal. White Charcoal has higher percentage of carbon (over 90 %) and a harder glass-like structure.

Unlike the commonly known Black Charcoal, White Charcoal leaves no residue and dust-free once it has been washed. To perfect every production requires dedicated attention. Charcoal producers primarily come from a long legacy in production, where knowledge and expertise are passed on from generation to generation.

Their senses serve as their primary tool: they smell the temperature of the fire and check the oxygen by assessing the color of the flames. Kiln temperatures reach up to 1200 degrees. On the seventh day, glowing charcoal is taken directly out of the kiln and covered with wet ash and sand. After, the fiery heat of the kiln is recycled and used as a spa. Our producer in Korea invites people to sit inside the kilns and enjoy them as a sauna, proving the healthful benefits go far beyond the product itself.


About indonesiancharcoal

We expertise in exporting charcoal business to all over the world. Our products mainly comprises of Mangrove Wood Charcoal and Akasia ,Sono,Sanbi, Asam Jawa Wood Charcoal. Aside from that, we are now manufacturing our own Coconut Shell Briquette Charcoal in our base here in Indonesia. UD ATEX INDONESIA Adress: Rejowinangun-KG Pilahan ASRI Ⅱ.KAV.53 Yogyakarta E-mail : TEL: 0274 38-7975 FAX 0274-38-7975 Mobail: 087838466669 08179419682
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