Marketing Strategies in the charcoal trade

Marketing Strategies in the Charcoal Trade

  1. Product strategies
    • Differentiating and positioning new products
    • Emphasizing new features and benefits of existing products, repositioning them, changing packaging, adding new services
    • Balancing product portfolio
  2. Pricing strategies
    • Defining the value of the product to the customer and pricing in terms of value rather than cost
    • Selecting the pricing strategy (skimming, market penetration, comparable pricing, etc.)
    • Creating extra benefits (smart discounting, premium pricing, free services, etc.)
  3. Promotional strategies
    • Selecting the most effective marketing strategies (emotional, experiential, public relations, buzz marketing, etc.) and/or designing radically new creative marketing approaches
    • Branding, creating customer value proposition, unique selling proposition (USP), and the public relations brief
    • Specifying the advertising methods (product endorsement,  product placement, hidden imagery) platform, and media; choosing product placement channels (sitcoms, soap operas, magazines, etc.) and selecting the relationships with the producer (reducing the cost of production, placing products deliberately into productions in exchange for fees, etc.)
  4. Placement strategies
    • Specifying geographic region or industry and how the environment in which the product is sold in can affect sales.
    • Specifying the market segment (teenagers, adults, families, business people, etc.)
    • Choosing the distribution channels (point-of-sale placement, retaining, online selling, etc.) and deciding the levels of customer service.

About indonesiancharcoal

We expertise in exporting charcoal business to all over the world. Our products mainly comprises of Mangrove Wood Charcoal and Akasia ,Sono,Sanbi, Asam Jawa Wood Charcoal. Aside from that, we are now manufacturing our own Coconut Shell Briquette Charcoal in our base here in Indonesia. UD ATEX INDONESIA Adress: Rejowinangun-KG Pilahan ASRI Ⅱ.KAV.53 Yogyakarta E-mail : TEL: 0274 38-7975 FAX 0274-38-7975 Mobail: 087838466669 08179419682
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